Face Mask Sodium Alginate    

sodium alginate widely used in cosmetics, it is a specific raw material for the production of peel off face masks, molding. Because of its gelling, hydration, thickening, emulsion, and reliability. The manufactured cosmetics features simple use, moisturiz
  • 9005-38-3
  • C₆H₇NaO₆
  • white powder
  • 39131000
  • 25kg/paper kraft bag or drum, customize
  • Jiejing

Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide that can form a layer of moisturizing film on the skin to effectively lock water to prevent water loss, thereby improving the skin's moisturizing ability. As a professional face mask grade sodium alginate manufacturer and global supplier, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation has been specialized in manufacturing and exporting sodium alginate for 56 years. Please be rest assured to buy sodium alginate from Shandong Jiejing. Any questions or inquiry feel free to contact us by email jiejinggroup@gmail.com, you will get response in one working day.

Face mask sodium alginate

Face mask is a daily skin care product for many people. There are many ingredients in the face mask, such as anti-aging, hydrating, and blemishes. If you look closely, you will find that some facial masks contain sodium alginate, so what is the role of sodium alginate in facial masks?

The role of sodium alginate in facial masks

The role of sodium alginate used in facial masks includes enhancing skin water retention, firmness and elasticity, and improving skin immunity, so sodium alginate used in facial masks is of great benefit to human skin. Details as follows:

  • Enhance the water retention of the skin, sodium alginate is also known as seaweed gel. If used properly, it can increase the moisturizing effect of the skin, making the skin more beautiful and less prone to allergic reactions.

  • Increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Sodium alginate has a good therapeutic effect on the skin. When used correctly, it can easily restore sagging skin to its youthful state and eliminate wrinkles. It also improves the secretory state of dry, conditioned skin, turning it into normal skin. Sodium alginate can also promote the shrinkage and refinement of pores, and it can also prevent computer radiation and excessive oil secretion.

  • Enhance skin immunity and protection. Sodium alginate can repair skin problems, such as sunburn and lack of sleep, and improve skin immunity and protection.

Sodium alginate face mask

A soft film sodium alginate based material is the basic raw material for the production of powder facial masks. The soft film base material contains a relatively high proportion of film-forming substances. Generally, it cannot be used directly as a finished product. A certain amount of talcum powder, starch and functional ingredients need to be added to the base material as your own formulation, and other powdery fillers, become the cosmetic elastic soft film powder for direct use after processing. The amount of filler to be added depends on the quality requirements of the elastic soft film and the production cost. 

If you have no your own sodium alginate face mask formulation, we can supply you sodium alginate based gelling material or OEM service for face mask.

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off-white powder
Viscosityas per customer request
Particle size200mesh
Loss on drying≤15%
Total plate count
Yeasts & moulds<500cfu/g
SalmonellaNEGATIVE IN 10G
Gel strengthas per customer request


1. What kinds of certificates can supply?

Shandong Jiejing Group is an ISO2008 9001, ISO14001 certified company. We can supply ISO22000 (HACCP), KOSHER, HALAL, BRC Certificates.

2. Is Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation a manufacturer or a trading company?

Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation is not only a manufacturer, but also a pioneer in the industry since 1968. Our manufacturing site covers 133,200 square meters. We devote ourselves to leading the sustainable development of alginate industry. We would like to cooperate with all distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers and end-users.

3. What is the Min Order Quantity of cosmetic grade sodium alginate?

Generally our MOQ of cosmetic grade sodium alginate is 500kg. But it depends, if your quantity is less, we also can accept it.

4. Can you supply cosmetic grade sodium alginate sample for test before official order?

For sure, 200g free cosmetic grade sodium alginate sample is available for your analysis. You also can buy more sample according to your actual situation.

5. What is the price of cosmetic grade sodium alginate?

As the leading cosmetic grade sodium alginate manufacturer and exporter in China, our sodium alginate price is very competitive. And you can get discount based on order quantity.

6. What's your packing size of cosmetic grade sodium alginate?

Our cosmetic grade sodium alginate packing is 25kg/paper kraft bag, or customized. Your own brand or logo or buyer information can be sticked onto bags. Each pallet is 1000kg. 

7. What kinds of transportation can you offer?

We can offer by sea, by air, by courier, by train, any transportation you can do. 

8. What kinds of payment terms can you accept?

We can accpet TT, LC, CAD, DP etc.

9. What's the lead time?

Generally we can make shipment in 15 working days after order confirmation. If quantity is for LCL shipment, generally we can ship promptly.

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