Fucoidan Powder    

Fucoidan extraction from brown seaweed is light yellow powder, easily soluble in water, becomes a transparent solution after dissolution. High purity fucoidan specification prevailing at market is 85%, its fucose content >15% ,organic sulfuric acid>20%.
  • 9072-19-9
  • C7H14O7S
  • 3913900090
  • light brown or light yellow powder
  • HPLC
  • Jiejing

"Jiejing" Fucoidan extract powder

Shandong Jiejing fucoidan powder production began in 1998, with Laminaria japonica, Phytessence Wakameand or Ascophyllum nodosum as raw materials, and can provide fucoidan with different specifications, between 10% and 90% according to demand. Fucoidan is a heteropolysaccharide, and the molecular weight of "Jiejing" fucoidan is between 30,000 Daltons and 150,000 Daltons. The fucoidan used in food is light brown powder, and the fucoidan used in cosmetics is off-white powder with particle size of 120 mesh. Fucoidan is easily soluble in water, and the liquid is clear and transparent without precipitation after dissolution, and the solution is light brown, PH value is about 6.5.

Jiejing advantage:

"Jiejing" has a patented technology, which uses tap water as the solvent medium to realize the leaching and extraction of fucoidan in brown seaweed. No organic solvent is used in the whole production process, and there is no risk of organic solvent residue in the fucoidan. The product is extinguished by high-temperature steam heating The sterilization form of bacteria does not use the form of radiation sterilization, so there is no problem of radioactive residues. This is the quality advantage of "Jiejing" fucoidan powder. 

Patented extraction technology, long production history and customer groups in a wide range of application fields keep Jiejing fucoidan enjoy good fame and get large market share.

Fucoidan benefits:

The conclusions given by the comprehensive global research report:

Fucoidan has anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-coagulation, lowering blood fat, promoting tissue regeneration, anti-chronic renal failure, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, enhance the body's immune function and other natural physiological activities.

Fucoidan has: 

  • Anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, improve human immunity.

  • Anti-tumor, anti-coagulation, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar.

  • Induce the production of cell growth factors, thereby promoting cell growth.

  • Promotes tissue regeneration and repairs cells in damaged or dysfunctional organs.

  • Improve kidney function and so on.


fucoidan uses in food, supplement, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals


Inner packing: PE plastic bottle, 500g/bottle.

Outer packing: cardboard barrel, 20 bottles/barrel; cardboard box, 10 bottles/carton.

Storage: keep sealed and protected from light and moisture

Shelf life: 3 years.

Certificate of analysis

Test of itemsTest result
Organic SO42- (sulfate ion)25.1%
Moisture 7.8%
Heavy metal (Pb) 8.2mg/kg
Total As 0.8mg/kg
As (As2O3)0.1mg/kg
Total bacteria count10cfu/g
Pathogenic bacteriaNegative

Important: The functional expression involved in this article comes from the authoritative literature, and the above is only a science of knowledge, and it cannot represent any treatment suggestions.

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