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President message

Our president, Lin Hefeng, graduated from Ocean University of China, devoted himself to making effective use of brown seaweed. Shandong Jiejing Group was the first company to make industrialized production of alginate from brown seaweed in China. Since its establishment in 1968, we have made it a life goal to be the pioneer of alginate with pride and responsibility, and will continue to develop new and innovative applications of alginate.

Alginate is used in various industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile printing, paper making, electrode welding rod etc owing to its properties of thickener, stabilizer emulsifier, gelling agent. Alginate has now become an indispensable part of people’s healthy and prosperous lives. Especially as food ingredients, alginate has been widely used in various food to improve texture and bring good taste to us. We see more possibilities expanding into new field as demand and expectations for alginate continues to rise. As the leading company in biopolymers, the responsibilities made us also continue to step further and further.

Through 56 years development, we got many support from government and customers. We really appreciate it. Now Jiejing possess aggressive employee team, standardized business management mechanism, sound quality management system, strong product research and development capabilities, and increasingly expanding marketing network. 

In order to better serve the society, we continue to promote the corporate culture of "integrity, harmony, innovation and efficiency", adhering to the basic concept of "scientific and technological innovation and people -oriented", advocate the marketing concept of "integrity and mutual benefit", the environmental protection concept of "green, ecological, clean, and civilized", adhere to the path of sustainable development, and take the low -carbon economy and green economy as the direction, strive to build a healthy enterprise with resource -saving, environmentally friendly, and harmonious society.