Alginate Oligosaccharides Agriculture Grade    

Alginate oligosaccharides within 20 monomers is a standard product of agricultural grade alginic acid. Its low molecular weight, biological activities and strong water solubility makes it have broad development prospects as additive in agriculture.
  • light yellow powder
  • <20
  • agricultural additive
  • 5kg/10kg/25kg bag
  • Jiejing

Alginate oligosaccharides is derived from sodium alginate by enzyme degradation method with a polymerization of 20. It is also important signal molecules in plants, which can promote the growth of plants and increase the resistance of plants to diseases and insect pests.  As a professional alginate oligosaccharides manufacturer and global supplier, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation has been specialized in manufacturing and exporting alginate oligosaccharides for 56 years. Please be rest assured to buy alginate oligosaccharides from Shandong Jiejing. Any questions or inquiry feel free to contact us by email, you will get response in one working day.

Alginate oligosaccharides (AOS)

Alginate oligosaccharides are carbohydrates composed of 2-10 monosaccharides connected by glycosidic bonds. Oligosaccharides play an important role in the basic life process of organisms and the occurrence and development of organisms. The development of functional oligosaccharides has become an important direction in the field of international biotechnology. Alginate oligosaccharides have low molecular weight and have strong water solubility, high stability, high safety and non-toxic physical and chemical properties. It also have many biological activities and have broad development prospects in agriculture and other fields.

Structure and Properties

Alginate oligosaccharide AOS is a small molecule obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of sodium alginate. Its degree of polymerization is below 20. The small molecular oligosaccharide is composed of β-D mannuronic acid and α-L guluronic acid through β-1-4 glycosidic bonds. Linked carbohydrates.

The biological activity of alginate oligosaccharides is closely related to its structure. It can enhance the expression of indole synthesis genes, improve resistance to abiotic stress and bacterial diseases.

structure and properties.png


  • As a type of plant endogenous oligosaccharides, alginate oligosaccharides play the role of signal molecules in plant stress resistance and can promote plant growth. The germination rate of seeds soaked in alginate oligosaccharides increases, a well as seedling height and root length are improved. The amount of chlorophyll increases, the chlorophyll content in the leaves of the seedlings increases, the root activity is enhanced, and the effect of increasing production is obvious, and it is a stimulating factor for plant growth and development.

  • Enhance plant stress resistance, drought resistance and other stress resistance, and induce crop resistance through signal factors. After use, crops show obvious tolerance when facing harsh external environments, and the stress resistance effect is obvious.

  • Inhibit plant pathogenic bacteria, induce plant defense response, and then produce systemic resistance to make plants have disease resistance.

  • It can be used as a stabilizer for pesticides, as a molluscicide, as a fertilizer forming agent, regulator, etc., or directly as a pollution-free antibacterial agent or to produce oligosaccharide pollution-free antibacterial pesticides.

Alginate oligosaccharides (AOS) uses in agriculture

Study on Fresh-keeping Effect of AOS Postharvest Treatment on Strawberry:

After 6 days of postharvest treatment, the bad fruit rates of strawberries treated with 50ppm and 100ppm AOS were 26.67% and 31.11% lower than those of the control group respectively.

AOS on strawberry.png

Application of Alginate oligosaccharides in plant disease resistance:

Jayaraj et al. reported that alginate oligosaccharides have a significant preventive effect on carrot leaf fungal diseases. AOS can increase the activity of peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, and PAL enzymes, and increase the gene expression of disease process-related proteins at the transcriptional level.

<a href=alginate oligosaccharides in plant disease resistance.png"/>

Application of Alginate oligosaccharides in rice root promotion

Alginate-derived oligosaccharides promote rice root growth and stimulate auxin-related gene expression.

<a href=alginate oligosaccharides in promoting rice roots.png"/>

Alginate oligosaccharides induce endogenous IAA synthesis in tobacco:

Changes of IAA content in tobacco cells treated with oligosaccharides

A: chitosan oligosaccharide treatment  B: sodium alginate oligosaccharide treatment

AOS in agriculture.png

Application of alginate oligosaccharides in rice cold protection:

AOS for rice cold protection.png

Application of alginate oligosaccharides in wheat drought resistance:

Sodium alginate oligosaccharides can regulate the synthesis and metabolism and signal transduction of abscisin, thereby inducing drought resistance in wheat.

AOS in draught resistance.png

The mechanism of alginate oligosaccharides improving fruit quality:

Improve crop quality by affecting soluble sugar, titratable acid and vitamin C content in apples, pears, grapes and navel oranges

AOS to improve fruits quality.png

Certificate of Analysis

Appearancelight yellow powder
Particle sizeas per customer request
Alginic acid content
Loss on drying≦15%
Water insoluble matter


1. What kinds of certificates can supply?

Shandong Jiejing Group is an ISO2008 9001, ISO14001 certified company. We can supply ISO22000 (HACCP), KOSHER, HALAL, BRC Certificates.

2. Is Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation a manufacturer or a trading company?

Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation is not only a manufacturer, but also a pioneer in the industry since 1968. Our manufacturing site covers 133,200 square meters. We devote ourselves to leading the sustainable development of alginate industry. We would like to cooperate with all distributors, traders, wholesalers, retailers and end-users.

3. What is the Min Order Quantity of alginate oligosaccharides?

Generally our MOQ of alginate oligosaccharides is 5kg. But it depends, if your quantity is less, we also can accept it.

4. Can you supply alginate oligosaccharides sample for test before official order?

For sure, 10g free alginate oligosaccharides sample is available for your analysis. You also can buy more sample according to your actual situation.

5. What is the price of alginate oligosaccharides?

As the leading alginate oligosaccharides manufacturer and exporter in China, our alginate oligosaccharides price is very competitive. And you can get discount based on order quantity.

6. What's your packing size of alginate oligosaccharides?

Our alginate oligosaccharides packing is 5kg/paper kraft bag, or customized. Your own brand or logo or buyer information can be sticked onto bags. 

7. What kinds of transportation can you offer?

We can offer by sea, by air, by courier, by train, any transportation you can do. 

8. What kinds of payment terms can you accept?

We can accpet TT, LC, CAD, DP etc.

9. What's the lead time?

Generally we can make shipment in 5 working days after order confirmation.

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